On November 4th our Bili Class (10e) visited the METRO in Neuss.


We went there to learn more about the METRO Group and the jobs they offer. It was a new experience for us to speak English the whole day. First we were in a meeting room where we were cordially received by Mr. Bennek, the manager from METRO-NEUSS. After that Ms. Walczok (an apprentice) gave us a short presentation about the METRO - of course in English. She told us that the METRO in Neuss has got 280 employees. We also learned that they work together with 29 countries on 5 continents. The selling area is about 16,000 m². Mr. Reinisch - head of the fish department - gave us some information about the structure and the other departments for example finance, marketing, advertising and human resources.


Later we were divided into three groups and had the chance to visit the store. Every group had a guide who showed us what the METRO offers. They offer food and non-food. We spoke English all the time. After our tour we met again in the meeting room and asked some of the questions we prepared in our Bili-English lessons before. We wanted to know for example what skills and school leaving certificate we need to work for the METRO or how many jobs they offer per year.


It was a new experience for us to combine our school English with business English. And we learned so many new words. Some students in our class started a glossary for “Business English” in our Moodle course.


Our class enjoyed the day at the METRO very much because we learned a lot about this business. We can recommend this Bili-day to other classes because it is very useful. You can improve your English and you get the chance to speak English for a day.

Now you know more about the METRO and how it works.


This is what some of our classmates said: 


Bianca Dahms, 10e: 

“It was easy to understand and speak English with the people at the METRO. To learn about the structure of the METRO was interesting, too. All in all it was an exciting day.” 


Lukas Baron, 10e:

“It was very interesting to see all the departments of the METRO. I liked the way Mr. Reinisch explained things to us. He was very friendly and we had a lot of fun. I learned about the jobs they offer and the structure of the METRO.”